Gan Back... Here

Deciples of sound 'The Chemistry Set' formed as an awesome art collective containing many humanoid flavours of unique, stylish and expressive individuals. Men from Mars, women from Venus, hermaphrodites from Orgon and anything inbetween. Everyone transported up to the mothership 'Emotive Underground' to join fellow crew members Massi Nuomam, man of electro instilled sounds and acoustic accompaniment. All of this experimentally intertwined with Ross Cunningham burning up the space bass, fusing rhythms with the time mindset of a rocket heading for endless multi-dimensions...


The Tryptamines consciousness waveform structure is connected by space dimension and time planetary telepathy, projecting touchable holograms of spectacular views creating a visual opera you can almost smell as it caresses the sound vibrations.

They document and film short movies that morph into a constant journey projected back to earth in every home through the planets natural vortexes.


Fellow interplanetary projector of visions and sounds kidProquo receives the motherships main psychedelic connection down in the Wab Lab control room. His mission is clear, fill the remaining ether through live broadcasts whenever the telepathic call commences.


This shit's funky as a monkey on acid in a bubble ship bounding straight to Uranus.


Chemical Callum: Vocals, Piano CP-70, Hammond and Leslie, Bass and Guitars, Squeeze box and Harmonium.

Tom the Noise Monger: Vocals, Samples, Guitars, Tiny Broken Keyboards, Echoes & Noise.

The Chemistry Set: Neil Cruickshank (Fitthefunk): Recording, Production & Assembly. Andrew Davidson (aka Hamish): Bass Guitar. Massi Nuomam (brother from another mother): Percussion, Harmonium, Microkorg. Pete Coutts: Guitars, Mandolin. Graham Coe: Cello. Liam (Ham) Simmers: Dobro, Guitars.